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Surgeon General warns that cigar smoking can cause ingrown nostril hairs

Surgeon General warns that cigar smoking can cause ingrown nostril hairs

Starting around Innsbruck Tuesday, I developed an ingrown hair in my left nostril which persisted all week. I went online to look for remedies, and saw something that suggested you can squeeze it out with tweezers. I tried this, but had no luck, and Gilles told me it was very dangerous to do that. He insisted we go to a doctor – the emergency room, in fact – which we attempted yesterday. But the emergency room didn’t have specialists for nose problems, so they redirected us to another doctor in Bietigheim.

It was uncomfortable all around: Gilles acting as translator, and me and my mom standing there looking stupid with my ingrown hair. I had no appointment, and no insurance that mattered in Europe. Despite this, they saw me right away and charged me only 20 euros outright. I sat in the examination room, waiting for the doctor and looking at the various instruments there, similar to a dentist’s office (sharp, shiny tools for picking and probing).

I was glad he did not try to remove the hair, however: he said this is very dangerous to do, but couldn’t elaborate in English. And so he said we would use a salbe (salve) on the inside of my nose, and take an antibiotic. It’s gotten better already, although it’s unsightly and we have a hay-festival to attend tonight, with 30 of Christoph’s closest friends.

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