Zunftmarkt, Bad Wimpfen

Characters dressed in medieval garb: this one, carrying an executioner's ax

Characters dressed in medieval garb: this one, carrying an executioner's ax

Today we journeyed to the Zunftmarkt, to witness characters in medieval costumes simulating everyday life as craftspeople, circa 14th century. As is often the case with the changing of the seasons, autumn just showed up yesterday – so while it was very sunny, there was the taste of fall in the air.

We took a scenic route along the 27, through Heilbronn, and arrived in Bad Wimpfen in half an hour. We managed to find our way to the altstadt (the old center of town), and meandered around the narrow, cobblestone streets with Charlotte in the stroller and Lily, in the Snow White outfit her nana made for her back in Sammamish.

A woman offered a ticket to Dawn to get in for free, and so we only spent 5 euros to get into the market. All guilds were represented, from blacksmith to honey maker, to weaponry, the occult, a wool-spinner, and of course, beer. We got some sandwiches loaded up with raw, white onion, goat cheese, pepperoncini and tomato – then I broke down and ordered a mug of beer at the beer stand. The guy explained to me in German/English that I needed to leave an additional 2 euros as deposit, for the glass mug. Pretty classy, that they give you beer in glass, and then it’s basically the honor system that you return the mug when you’re done, after you’ve milled around the streets.

We navigated back to Besigheim without the GPS, having successfully followed the detour signs (Umleitung!) where the 27 is undergoing roadwork.

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  1. A little Umleitung back to the early days. Nice.

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