Englischer Garten

Just got back from my second overnight trip to Munich: spent the night with a former boss of mine. He’s working with Starbucks again as an operations coach, or consultant, to help the stores in the south improve. When I met him at his office, he was helping the new area manager submit her budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

I got out of Besigheim yesterday around 9 a.m., with only 20 minutes to figure out how to purchase a ticket from the machine, get something for breakfast, and catch my train. I arrived in Munich at 12:30, and set out in the opposite direction of Oktoberfest, to the Englischer Garten. It was about a half hour walk through the commercial district; I navigated to the park and then found the Chinese Tower, where I knew a bier garten was awaiting me.

I ordered one paar of schwinewurstles, sauerkraut, and then a liter of Dunkel. I listened to my iPod after lunch, enjoying the solace, my beer, and the falling leaves.



John’s dry-cleaning wasn’t ready, so we killed an hour at a nearby café, enjoying beer and catching up since we hadn’t seen one another in four years. He was my boss’s boss in 2005, and while I was away on paternity leave with Lily, he left the company. He’s back to working with Starbucks now, on his third or fourth week.

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant in his neighborhood, then a café for coffee and cheese, afterwards. They let me know there’s a security warning at Oktoberfest, following terrorist threats against the government to withdrawal German troops from Afghanistan.

Dawn has booked our trip to Ireland, and next week we celebrate her 40th in Paris. Her mom and friend left today, after a month in Europe touring Paris, Saint Pierre-des-Champs, and Cologne. My aunt Sue, her husband and son are with us until tomorrow, when they depart for Salzburg. Dawn and I leave for Metz (France) Saturday morning, to see our friends Laurent and Nanou. The month will go fast.

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William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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