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Is God An Apple?

I saw a ladder leaned against an apple tree today, and was reminded of a paper I wrote in high school on Robert Frost’s poem “After Apple Picking.” It was back in the day when we were required to hand-write … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words

My mom’s older brother Dave had a dream the night before my grandfather died. In the dream his sister, who had died from a heartattack, was in a car trying to warn Dave about something. Dave contacted the family the … Continue reading

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The Old Barn

Now that we are leaving in a week, we have a list of things to do. We’ve been away from work so long, it’s hard to get anything done as our brains have just about dried up. There are a … Continue reading

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The Rattling Fan

We got back from Ireland this week, and my mom was tweaking about her refrigerator, which rattles when the door is shut. You have to keep the door ajar to stop the rattling, but that lets out the cool air, … Continue reading

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Root Cause Analysis

At work, we got into something a couple years ago called “the 5 why’s,” which was a way of getting to the bottom of what was going on in a store. You might ask, “why haven’t you hit your numbers?” … Continue reading

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The Dénouement

I am a big fan of putting things away. I even like putting away Christmas decorations, and if it’s been a bad Christmas, I’m not as gentle. This is the beginning of our German denouement, and soon, my sabbatical denouement. … Continue reading

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Dick Mack’s

I finally had my quintessential Irish pub moment today: a windy, misty Sunday in Dingle. Dawn and Charlotte went back to the B&B in hopes that Charlotte would nap there, which left me and Lily on our own down in … Continue reading

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