Month: November 2009


It’s fitting this should end with a hangover, on my last day before I go back to work. The cell phone went off a record five times this morning: – Ramin, wanting to meet at the Museum of Flight –… Read More ›

The Last Week

I spent Monday morning in the bath with William Basinski and a battery-powered candle I got at Costco. The candle came in a box that said “THE BEAUTY OF CANDLELIGHT WITHOUT THE RISK OF FIRE.” When I started this sabbatical… Read More ›


It’s a kind of loss of innocence when you first have to deal with rats. We discovered them in our home two years ago: they were coming from the basement through the floor, behind the refrigerator, into the nursery. We… Read More ›


The wind is coming in from the south today, and sounds like the ocean when it’s going out. Pine needles are everywhere. This is the time of year marked by a moodiness in the northwest, when we all comment about… Read More ›

White Space

I got my foot stuck on the baby gate earlier this week and went down on my side, yielding a bruise the size of a small country. It is hard being empathetic: while it gives you the appearance of emotional… Read More ›