Monthly Archives: February 2010

Guys Night Out

Six of us, eight bottles of wine, family-style Italian. I made a U-turn up 35th to end the night, and slept in Mike’s basement. Although I lived in his basement for a month 12 years ago, I don’t sleep right … Continue reading

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There are kinds of wisdom you don’t want. One comes from true loneliness. I’ve forgotten what it feels like, but once I celebrated loneliness as a source of creative inspiration. That’s a younger kind of loneliness, from break-ups and rejection. … Continue reading

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Resist Settling

Since we came back from Europe, we’ve wanted to settle down. At the same time, we resist. So…we’re left unsettled. It’s hard being in between, even if it means free rent and a place with a view. When it’s not … Continue reading

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