Heads Buried In Smartphones

At the playground, all the parents’ heads are buried in their smartphones.

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William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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One Response to Heads Buried In Smartphones

  1. Bscowler says:

    At the playground? Heck; these days it seems that everyone’s heads are buried in their iPhones, Smartphones, and Clone-phones.
    One could write a futuristic novel about the tweens of today growing up not knowing what a sunset looks like, or how to interact with other humans because they’ve been raised by their PDA’s.
    Several years ago I watched a documentary about Native cultures, and one tribe in South America had a tradition of keeping their young sequestered in a cave for the first eight years of their lives, and while holed-up the village elders would tell the children about what was outside. They told them great tales of the sky, and the water, and the wind, and how everything interacted in life. Then they’d allow the children into the world, and the children couldn’t believe how magical and beautiful everything in the world was, and how fortunate they were to have a chance to be part of life.
    Maybe the kids of today will someday graduate from their devices and realize how magical the world is, but I kind of doubt it. After one has been educated by social media it’s probably difficult to understand that there are other things in life to appreciate aside from themselves.


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