Month: November 2012


Paying the neighbor kid to blow the leaves off our sports court. Awakening to the glow of a laptop, hours before sun. Before, I used to just sit here in the morning, letting the coffee sink in and thinking about… Read More ›

Temple Run

We’ve managed to get Lily off my laptop and onto the iPad. Yesterday, I counted five computer devices in our living room (excluding our phones, which were elsewhere). Temple Run is the gateway drug into the iPad, for Lily. Using… Read More ›


The blog is a token dropped in a deep well. The days spin around themselves, wobble, and fall. Life is you figuring it out publicly, sometimes getting it right.


Left work early yesterday, sick. Probably could have muscled my way through it, but by the time I had told everyone and made arrangements, I’d have looked flaky for saying never mind. Caught a cab to the bus stop, then… Read More ›