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Bloggus Interruptus

LILY’S BLOG WROTE BY LILY P—- HERSELF! EXSTREMLEY RECOMENDED BY EAGACATORS!              It was another disterbing day. Jackson had pushed her into a pile of pebbels. Alison started to giggle. Mason told Henry. At lunch,I … Continue reading

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What’s worth than birth

Today’s my day, 1970: born across the street from the Allentown Fair while my dad was having a hamburger and my mom labored. They were 21, met in the laundromat, my mom folding my dad’s laundry. Married two months later, … Continue reading

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Paying the neighbor kid to blow the leaves off our sports court. Awakening to the glow of a laptop, hours before sun. Before, I used to just sit here in the morning, letting the coffee sink in and thinking about … Continue reading

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Steering Committee

There were about 30 in our steering committee meeting yesterday, too many to count. Luckily we had some anchors there, who helped facilitate decision-making, but at the end of it I felt I had been sucked dry. We went on … Continue reading

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Temple Run

We’ve managed to get Lily off my laptop and onto the iPad. Yesterday, I counted five computer devices in our living room (excluding our phones, which were elsewhere). Temple Run is the gateway drug into the iPad, for Lily. Using … Continue reading

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The blog is a token dropped in a deep well. The days spin around themselves, wobble, and fall. Life is you figuring it out publicly, sometimes getting it right.

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Left work early yesterday, sick. Probably could have muscled my way through it, but by the time I had told everyone and made arrangements, I’d have looked flaky for saying never mind. Caught a cab to the bus stop, then … Continue reading

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