Food Float

I volunteered to work at our local Starbucks yesterday, something that the corporate people do around the holidays. We are more a nuisance than help to the baristas, but since I had worked in the stores at one time, I thought I could do more than just sample drinks.

We were dead for a good time, and the staff was groping for things to do. We made whipped cream, restocked, broke down cardboard boxes, straightened the signs around the merchandise.

Then, without warning, the lobby was full and I was put on Food Float.

Three or four different baristas shot food orders at me. While there is a system to keep things in chronological order, the system breaks down fast. Between grabbing a Snowman Cookie or Cranberry Bliss Bar, I had a barista specifying for me how this woman wanted her multi-grain bagel: warmed, but put the unopened butter packets (two) inside the bagel when you fold it over inside the bag. I worked the breakfast sandwiches in the oven and decoded the small characters on the LED to ensure I got the right product warmed at the right duration.

We bumped into each other, dropped stuff, and I had to change out the tongs to avoid getting icing on the savories. This is food service. I managed to avoid getting burned on the oven, but then burned myself cooking dinner last night and had to keep my hand in a glass of ice water throughout the meal.

About pinklightsabre

William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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