The Chair of Forgetfulness

Various means of connecting

Various means of connecting

It is a small world on the Internet. The Web expands and contracts, and as it moves, we are all connected to it.

Dawn calls it The Chair of Forgetfulness because when she sits down to look into it, time disappears. I looked it up on Google, and found a more entertaining description here.

Yesterday, we took the girls to the country to meet Eberhard’s mother. Dawn and my mom went back to the Christmas market in Ludwigsburg, bought cheap Italian sweaters, and got goblets of Gluhwein they lit on fire.

The girls fed the cows, and asked how long they normally live? I said 20 years, if they don’t get killed beforehand.

The cows prefer the grass that’s fermented, and browning. It’s kept in the big white bundles that look like marshmallows, on the farms.

I spent two hours before sunrise researching a guy I met 20 years ago in Pennsylvania. I was able to find photos of him, information about his family tree, and court records of a lawsuit brought against him by a former tenant. If I paid a small fee, I could access more.

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William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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