Rainer Maria Rilke

I bought a collection by Rilke at Darvill’s bookstore on Orcas Island, hoping it would free me from a year without writing. The store is small, warm, and jam-packed with books. A chime goes off when the door opens, and it feels like another world, inside.

In one of my writing classes in college, a student asked, Has anyone ever lost their mind from writing?

The professor said she didn’t think so, but there are probably cases of writers who have lost their mind from not writing.

When I was young and had a fever, sometimes I imagined I could see with my eyes closed, as if I was inside a dark cave. It was a feeling of terror and disconnectedness, as though I was moving through space, in my mind.

It’s been a reopening of the senses, these past couple of weeks, traveling. Now I need to go back to the cave and see what’s there.

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  1. I love that you enjoyed Darvill’s! I grew up on Orcas and my mom used to work there. Lot’s a good memories! 🙂


    • How cool is that! Nice to trigger some good memories for you – did you just happen to stumble on that post? That’s odd! It’s a small world/blogosphere after all….love the name of your wordpress account. Thanks for visiting! – Bill


      • Thank you! I actually found your post by “subscribing” to posts about Orcas Island – which, somehow, I did a few months ago but hadn’t look at in a long time. Not sure how I did it or if I could again! Ha! I post about it from time to time – can’t resist!


      • Gosh, there’s a niche for everything…we love Orcas (stayed at the Gnome home about a year ago, around Christmas). Thanks for signing up for my posts and I look forward to reading some of your tales of the island! Best, – Bill


      • Ok, no way!!! WE stayed at the Gnome House last year right around Christmas…as in, 2011! I thnk we were there the 21st and 22nd! That’s just bizarre…and a little…ok, a lot weird. My sister still lives on the island and she had recommended the Gnome House as a good place she’d heard about so just for fun we went for a couple days. I blogged about it, actually…



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