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Getting into fights on email

Rich and I got in a fight on email, in 1996: I had two responsibilities in my job, and one of them was to collect information from secretaries once a month. I sent a form email to all of them, … Continue reading

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In a river the color of lead

We were flying above the Atlantic when the Newtown shootings occurred, headed to Germany. Eberhard asked if I heard about it and I hadn’t, so he broke the news to us. Various Europeans we met over the next couple weeks … Continue reading

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Behind the Hatred

Len had a lazy eye and was balding, our English teacher. He wrote on the chalkboard and directed us to copy the lines into our notebooks: Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire for love He didn’t quote the … Continue reading

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Put things back

I’ve been carrying around this Pendaflex of old writing for years, and yesterday I made the mistake of getting it out. I haven’t read most of it since it was written, dating back to 1992. Once you start, it’s hard … Continue reading

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Dan, Dana

I met Dan through Jim, who I met through Chris in the basement of a frat party. Dan made friends with Jim as a regular in the sub-shop, where Jim worked, in Pittsburgh. We all wound up living together along … Continue reading

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A short rant on the etymology of the word LEGEND, as borrowed from Eric Partridge

I love words. But I’m one of those people who gets upset if you say irregardless. I have no right to, other than to point out that the only difference between regardless and irregardless is that one is correct and … Continue reading

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Hold the pose

I’m celebrating 6o days of blogging today. Any monkey can do it, but it takes a special kind of monkey to be so persistent. In Yoga, sometimes we hold a balancing pose for half a minute or so. It’s intended … Continue reading

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