Rabbit’s Foot

Dan was a friend of a friend, my long-haired friend who played electric bass. He didn’t just have long hair, he had Heavy Metal long hair: wild, dreading in places, unkempt. His hair drew long looks in public, in our home town, and made people uneasy.

I invited Dan to the openings at the theater where I worked, as I always got a comp ticket, and rarely had a date. Dan and I were an unlikely pair: him, in his pea coat and cigarette, me, in a sports jacket with my gelled hair.

Dan lived in the country with his mom and his sister. The first time at his house, he told me his dad had hung himself in the back yard when he was young. Dan drew a sketch of it, called “Welcome Home,” and looked me deep in the eye as he handed the picture to me. I nodded, and handed it back.

Dan came to visit me when I moved to Pittsburgh, and I brought him to the company holiday party where I worked, Arabica Caffe. On our way out, one of the owners stopped Dan and asked him what was in his coat. Dan had swiped one of the bottles of liquor.

We talked about it back at my apartment, but I never could forgive him. He left the next day, and we fell out of touch.

I saw him down at a street festival many years later, gave him a hug, and introduced him to our kids. We traded email addresses and I wrote him, but he never responded.


About pinklightsabre

William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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12 Responses to Rabbit’s Foot

  1. alesiablogs says:

    Reflecting on friendships are difficult especially ones like these. I also think it was good for you to explain how this man’s past life was touched with such horror of losing his own dad. Powerful stuff.


  2. Thank you Alesia – appreciate you reading and your thoughts. Have a good day, – Bill


  3. I’m from Michigan. I know what you mean by “heavy metal long hair!” Superb description.


  4. Ha! Thanks there lennonsundance…love your alias by the way! Thought about Lennon last week with the Starting Over blog challenge thing-a-roo. Thanks for reading and remarking! – Bill


  5. I’ve had so many friends like this over the years. We meet years later, exchange bios and we never see each other again. It’s amazing how you can have intense, intimate friendships and then you drift apart, blending back into a crowd of strangers.


  6. Oh, thanks for loving my alias. But that’s my real name! Lennon Sundance. Just thought I’d let you know. What’s a Starting Over blog challenge? I’m new here, remember? Curious……


    • Great name Lennon! The Daily Post challenge is something Word Press does to encourage people to blog more, and have fun around a theme. Last week the theme was “Starting Over,” so the challenge was to write a poem/story/blog along that theme. It reminded me of the John Lennon song of the same title. You can go onto the WordPress home page and look for the Daily Prompt blog, then follow it. You’ll get an email every day with a challenge or a prompt, to write about. Kind of fun…enjoy and welcome to the blogarena! – Bill


  7. Daisy says:

    Why Rabbit’s Foot? I enjoyed the ways you described Dan – somebody who was seemingly so different from you. Did Dan ever bring you any good luck?


    • Sorry Daisy but it’s not that deep or clean. I had the title intended for a different blog theme, but wasn’t feeling that, so I wrote a different story and used the same title – I was being a sloppy blogger. You put me on notice now 🙂 thanks for asking. Yellow card. No, he didn’t bring me any good luck. I like the image of the rabbit’s foot (which is pretty crude) and want to do something with it. Thanks for reading, friend! – Bill


      • Daisy says:

        I think I ask the oddest questions…but I genuinely want to know… I didn’t mean to put you “on notice” but it’s a little bit fun to give you a yellow card…HA! BTW, I’m not sure how I got “assigned” that funky looking blue cartoon icon. I think I would like to change that… Please keep writing. I am hooked! You have so much talent, Bill, and I am learning a ton (about you and about writing) by reading your work. Bravo!!


      • pinklightsabre says:

        Aw shucks thanks Daisy…wasn’t an odd question. Was spot-on. The funny blue avatar is assigned to users who haven’t chosen their own, personal avatar. I think that’s why the cartoon figure is appearing there. I am clumsy with technology though, so don’t trust me. I know enough to be dangerous to others. – Bill


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