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Listening to the likes

If you want to write for others, it’s important they like what you write. You can argue they may not know what they like, or you can lead them somewhere new, but in the end, the customer is always right, … Continue reading

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Bad Jobs Make Good Stories

The Green Study issued a writing challenge this week, to blog about the worst job you ever had. This is my warm-up. The problem is, for any bad job I’ve had, I got something good out of it. I got … Continue reading

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Charlotte loses her dollar from the tooth fairy, but it takes too long to look for it, and we give up. The woman outside the supermarket is selling newspapers for the homeless, and I buy one. She compliments Charlotte’s sweater, … Continue reading

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I gave up looking for Emmett’s body and made my way back up the hillside, to the house. The dog had escaped the Invisible Fence, through the snow, without a trace of his footprints, just vanished. It was January, 1998: … Continue reading

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Getting out of the labyrinth: Trying to finish Portrait so I can get on with my life

I thought it would be a good idea to do this again, to read James Joyces’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. But instead, I’ve gotten wrapped around the axle with the author, his conflicts with the … Continue reading

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Starbucks and the plastic valve

The plastic valve is called FlavorLockā„¢. It’s a barely noticeable, plastic disc inside a bag of coffee that lets aromatic gasses out, but prevents oxygen from getting in. I can’t figure out who invented the technology, but it changed everything … Continue reading

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Can you be interesting every day?

I can’t be anything every day, let alone interesting. But it’s a good challenge: can I devote 15 minutes a day to record something interesting about my life? Is there something worth sharing, every day? I came to this after … Continue reading

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