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  1. I recognize the feeling, though not the dream. I, too, always wake up “before”.

    As I was reading your post it spoke out loud to me of my own inner angst about fear of failure, which is the thing that has always gotten in the way of following my own dream: to write.

    Isn’t it amazing that so many artists of any media seem to have the same hesitation about starting out on that journey, even though they really know in their hearts that they are talented enough? Fear of change, fear of failure…even fear of success!

    But I believe this: that fear will NOT drag you down if only you continue writing! PLEASE! Keep writing! You just boosted my determination tenfold!


    • I read your comment yesterday before getting on a bus to Portland, OR and it made my day. What a great way to start my weekend. I’m glad you connected with this; it meant a lot to me that you took the time to respond and share your thoughts and feelings. Thank you! – Bill


      • Well, I’m glad I was able to make a difference in someone’s life, if even for a moment! I really do enjoy your writing, Bill. Makes me reminesce…puts me in mind of how my past has shaped my present and future…

        …and really HAS given me incentive and inspiration because of just that effect. I would like to quote you (with a link again, of course!) from time to time, if that’s alright with you.

        Either way, you have a wonderful time in OR…only try to stay warm! Yours, Peggy


      • You sure did Peggy – thank you. I look forward to seeing how your story unfolds, too…keep in touch and thank you for the thoughtful comments and for sharing. Of course you are welcome to quote the blog. I’m honored and flattered. Best, – Bill


  2. Great writing….One of your best I have read so far!



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  2. “Mama Always Said…” | balance the circle.

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