Long hand

I wrote longhand over the weekend, on the bus down to PortlandCursive.svg and back. Since the bus had Wi-Fi, I thought I’d be clever and post a blog on it. But I chose my paper notebook instead.

My best ideas seem to come when I write with a pen. Even at work, if I’m to create a PowerPoint deck, I draw it out first on a piece of scrap paper. It’s like I’m trying to access a part of my mind I can’t get to if I start with the computer.

The debate over teaching cursive in public schools resurfaced here lately. I really don’t have an opinion over it. I haven’t written cursive in years, and I don’t believe I’m less of a person as a result.

But writing longhand forces a kind of commitment that’s different than word processing. And handwritten notes always mean more because there’s more of the person in the words.

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  1. I agree… though since I type so fast, writing by hand is more frustrating at this point (and it hurts! can you believe that?) I like your pic. I remember those days. They told me I held my pencil “wrong” and that I wouldn’t graduate grade school until I learned to hold it “right.” Funny, they never foresaw typing!


  2. I think about the cursive debate often. Typing is the only thing I learned in high school that I use every day of my life, and ironically, it’s the only class that I ever got a C in. I read somewhere long ago that writing longhand is the best way to learn a new language, because you develop a relationship with its rhythm and musicality that is missing from using the keyboard. (Another irony, considering the other meaning of “keyboard.”)


    • Hi there – yes, I really like the notion of the keyboard being a musical thing. I’ve been fooling around with that idea for a while. I’m glad you stopped by! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I also like your comments on MacBeth. There’s something about the Superman films being cursed too, I think.


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