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Chasing butterflies

Broken down shed at dusk, looking west. The birds light up the trees and the sky goes pink. I could take a picture now with my phone but it would just be a postcard, and say nothing of my time … Continue reading

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The importance of writing

To sit and wait, To set my telescope across the expanse of night and search for sights unseen To sit and wait like some séance, To hush ourselves and give over to the mystic of old science, of witchcraft and … Continue reading

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Is the Internet Permanent?

It is, so why does something you’ve created in print feel more real than online? Is it because a book has more weight and tactile appeal, or is it our framework that tells us that books are more lasting than digital? … Continue reading

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The Well Talked Back

When I started this I didn’t know what I was doing, and I still don’t. The first time I got an email that someone was following me, I thought Why? I didn’t understand the tagging and I didn’t know who … Continue reading

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The Stack

Unfinished table by IKEA, manual typewriter, one-bedroom apartment, the stack of pages sitting there as evidence, the same place I eat and drink. The answering machine, pictures of heroes on the wall. Rapping the keys until the bell goes off, … Continue reading

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Where all things go to die

Our basement flooded. And so it was easy to rationalize getting rid of things once they were damaged by the water. Dawn said all things go to the basement to die. There’s a basement inside us where we keep things, … Continue reading

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Seven years old, in the bathroom at the Jersey shore, I had to use the one in my grandparent’s room and there was my grand-dad’s reflection in the bathroom mirror, through a crack in the door. He was napping with … Continue reading

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