When 5 feels like 4

I don’t know what happened to that hour, but we won’t get it back until after Halloween.

I got nominated for a blog award on Friday, which felt good and was really nice, but when I got into it Saturday morning, it took more than an hour to answer the questions, write new questions for my 11 nominees, and then post links to all the nominees.

And after doing so, I published it, then decided I didn’t like it, and unpublished it.

Self-awareness and self-consciousness are like volume settings on your stereo: you need to have it up enough you can hear it yourself, but not so much it bothers the neighbors.

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  1. I understand exactly what you’re saying.


  2. Every few weeks, I have to go in and delete the 10-15 draft posts that I couldn’t convince myself should be posted. Posting blogging awards is tough for so many reasons and it takes me a long time to do one, because my intent is always to focus on other bloggers and that requires a lot more work and research.
    Part of me really dislikes them, but I’m grateful for the intent. Sort of like the ugly scarf your aunt gives you for Christmas. You know it was made with love, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in it – although you’ll drag it out every time she visits.


  3. Yeah. I saw that it was missing. Done that myself after answering a few of them for fun. I really appreciate folks that like my writing, but I have decided to not go through the whole process either. Have a great day! My main computer is brokenness of today. I may be slow to back on the role with posts. Darn. I hate computer problems.


  4. Sorry – just saw your comment today – thanks for the nom! Totally understand though. I suffered from hour loss for days.


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