The Well Talked Back

When I started this I didn’t know what I was doing, and I still don’t. The first time I got an email that someone was following me, I thought Why?

I didn’t understand the tagging and I didn’t know who was looking at my posts, and it didn’t matter. It was like dropping a token into a dark well.

But as I got more followers, the well talked back. There were thumbnails, voices, faces coming out of the dark. And it raised the stakes for my writing: it’s given me a cause, by knowing there’s someone at the bottom of the well.



About pinklightsabre

William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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9 Responses to The Well Talked Back

  1. HelloOOOOOOOoooooo! Can you throw me a rope? Or at least a snack?


  2. What a great visual — throwing ideas into a well with unknown recipients.


  3. alesiablogs says:

    Can you hearrrrrrrrr me ??????? It is really dark down here. Lol


  4. I’m a newbie too, learning as I go. Your metaphor strikes a deep, dark chord in me! Perhaps the sound of that penny being thrown into the well…..Bwahaha!


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