The difference between asteroids and meteors

Arcade games emerged in the early 80s, right when I was old enough to be interested, but didn’t have enough money to be good at any.

In the game Asteroids, you had a small space ship that shot bullets in the middle of an asteroid shower, spinning, shooting, and thrusting when you needed to move fast. The big asteroids blew apart into smaller pieces.

And so it goes with work email: hundreds a day, spinning, shooting, sometimes getting battered by one that comes flying across the screen, sometimes getting attacked by an evil saucer (see photo).


This week, I can’t get WordPress emails for some reason, which means I don’t get a notice for the blogs I subscribe to or a notice for comments or likes. So, I’ve begun to tackle the +1,000 in my in-box from the past couple years, some there deliberately, others not.

At work, it’s a game to sift through those that need action, those that should be filed, and those to delete. Send more email? Get more email.

While it’s a bummer to not get the WordPress notices, it’s liberating in some ways too. I contribute to the asteroid shower myself by posting every day. I’d like to think it’s something shiny and marvelous that shoots by, but some days it’s just a rock that needs to get blown up.

About pinklightsabre

William Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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