Why design matters

We are getting down to the wire on constructing a trade show booth at work. The first storm has blown over: approving the design. Of course the design is an emotional thing because the brand is an emotional thing (especially at Starbucks, where we are so emotional), and so not surprisingly, agreeing on the final design brought out some more emotions.

We’ve now approved the species of wood, the finishes, the 3/32 gap in the groove, the PMS for the logo discs, the color temperature for the LEDs, and so on. We’ll know next month whether or not everyone likes it, when 35,000 people come by to see us.

Design matters on your blog, for your brand, and your home. It’s functional design (where you keep your dinner plates and how easy they are to reach) and esthetic design (how warm your home feels).

Last night Dawn and I celebrated our anniversary at a new restaurant in our neighborhood. The food and service were great, but the design was confused, at best.

On the bar-side they had plasma TVs with football helmets above the bar, but a formal greeter who led us to the restaurant area, which was trying to be upscale. Different time periods fought for attention (modern art vs. classical light fixtures and candelabras), and on the way out, we noticed a full-sized Medieval knight by the front door.

Although the food was good, it was hard to connect to something that was so unfocused and incoherent.

Do you go to 7-11 because the way it makes you feel, or because you’re out of milk?

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