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The weight of space in the eyes

Crow wings beat hard to keep themselves up They hop, squawk, strut Never once complain. We call them death: Their eyes the color of space Cold, dark, the wisdom of the infinite confined to a frame. Maybe there’s no warmth … Continue reading

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Don’t Measure Your Love: Jason Molina is Dead

Sunset and birdsong, summer, Jason Molina is dead and has been a few months. You’d pass him on the street and not know it. He tried his best, no less. I thought I could write the story of his life … Continue reading

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Your web is a trap

I’ve compared writers to spiders before: I like that the words rhyme and they have unusual things in common. Both generally hide in the corners waiting, watching. We build fantastic traps to catch our prey, then slowly suck the life … Continue reading

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The nature of theme

Theme doesn’t show up on your porch and knock. It appears over time as a pattern of clues emerge. That’s because the human brain thinks in metaphor, in dreams. Theme is the same fleeting figure in waking life. You can’t … Continue reading

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When I’m there I’m not

Connecting! I’m on the text now because I got one while I sat at the restaurant across from my kids, coloring.¬†We step outside to take it down, it’s so good. (It’s like we’re here now, but not. I can see … Continue reading

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One life lost, climbing

If you believe we have nine lives, I’ve wasted at least one in the mountains. I’m afraid of scuba diving, bicycling, and nearly hurt myself bad playing Pickleball (a form of tennis). But I’ve climbed a few big mountains by … Continue reading

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Saved by indifference

Call it indifference, or no expectations…you will be happy on your birthday if you accept whatever gifts appear, regardless the form they take…you will enjoy the film, the food, the wine more if you take it for what it is, … Continue reading

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