Why art’s hard

There’s found art — but art doesn’t get lost. People do, looking for art.

It’s all around us and we all have the ability to make it, but it’s like capturing air in your hands: you can’t tell if you’ve got it.

Like photography, you put a frame around it and it’s not the same as the subject anymore. What’s in the frame will be different than what you’re trying to capture. The landscape I show you through my print is different than the real landscape, and that’s okay. The print is a peep-hole to a view the photographer wants you to see.

It’s finding something striking that many people will see similarly, but not the same. It may be popular, but not good. It may not be popular (yet) but still, be good.

It doesn’t have to be good, to be art. Just good enough to enough people to qualify as “art.” And that’s why it’s hard.

(It also may not pay, and you need to be okay with that.)

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