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Mad Sounds Like This

Ginger has her tongue inside the Boston Terrier’s ear, Minnie, and Minnie is glazed over dreamily, angling-in deeper to Ginger. I’m pressed against the leather couch, part of it, losing sensation of where my skin ends and the leather begins, … Continue reading

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A Golden Retriever called America

Two grandparents with their daughter and a chunky Golden, with a white beard and a smile in her eyes. They named the dog America, born on 9/11. The grand-daughter wasn’t alive yet. The dog’s 100 in dog years, has lived … Continue reading

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What’s true

Sometimes, people will forgive what’s true. Even if it’s not good, not right, it’s true. That’s what comes in to play when you hear music that’s real, it sings of its own accord. It hovers above the Plane of Attachment, … Continue reading

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Giving Notice Fantasy

A fellow blogger announced yesterday she gave notice to quit her job, and dedicate herself full-time to writing. That triggered a fantasy in me, which I spent time propping up last night, a dream-house made out of sticks that fell … Continue reading

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Seeds spin like helicopters

We’re like seeds in the sky, how we start in the distance and might be a bat, a sparrow, a dragonfly, a seed We start from one corner and slip to the side, come back into focus, carry on a … Continue reading

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Hearts out for R.E.M.

It’s a sad moment on Wikipedia when they move you to past tense: R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry. Oh, … Continue reading

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American Waste Story

The weekend was full of plans and I thought about them at the bar, while the Girl Scouts met back at our house. I timed it so I’d get home just as they were leaving and as I pulled into … Continue reading

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