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The hardest thing about starting your new blog is filling out the About page. The About page is your prompt to explain why the reader is here, on your site. I had to make it up when I began because I didn’t know — for me, the act of starting a blog was a kind of soul-excavation that can lead anywhere or nowhere. I committed myself to doing it every day for a year, thinking something magical would happen at the end.

“Learning to see in the dark” is the caption I chose for the header on my page. You get that area to help people understand what’s going on, what they should expect. It’s important, because your visitors are customers and you want them to come back. It should be clear what you’re about.

At the essence of it, blogging is a way to open yourself to the world and connect. Some choose to follow, click a Like button, comment, or just read. The blogger gets the satisfaction of putting something out there and touching someone with it, which builds a type of community — a thumbnail of a guy in China becomes a real person, to me. There are real people in my house but thousands of other people who become real on my computer, this way.

So the thousands of real people, the millions of real people, are at the edges of your laptop universe and you create the best facsimile of yourself to attract their attention, a kind of costume party in the Internet cosmos of infinity, coupled with the casino quality of statistics and chance, which makes winners out of losers and addicts out of us all.

Over the last year, friends have said they’ve gotten to know me better through my blog, and I have too. I thought something magical would happen at the end, but maybe it was at the start.


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  1. Great post! It truly is inspirational to know others out there write because they love to, but also because they want relationship with others in their worlds. Who would have ever thought when we were kids looking at the moon (hint I did this) and think –” I wonder what kid in China is looking at the moon at the same time while I am? ” Here’s to a day of sharing. Alesia


    • Good morning Alesia and thanks for your note yesterday — I love the image of looking at the moon as a kid, and wondering who else is…marvelous. Glad to be in touch with you. Have a good day and end to your week.


  2. Maybe it’s a Neptune year.


  3. Sometimes blogging feels like a more highbrow version of a Tweet when we’re all saying essentially the same thing “Hey! I’m here, are you out there?” I’m glad to know you’re out there, Bill!


    • Yeah, you’re right…too true. I’m really glad for your acquaintance and the great people you connected me with last year…will always be thankful for that. But I promise no hugs. Enjoy your day Michelle and thanks for stopping by. – Bill


  4. I’m so glad that you are having a wonderful experience with this! I’ve only just started and am already finding it enriching.

    I actually just updated my about page this week and I posted about the update, which turned out to be not much of an update at all. It’s so tough to sum up a forum for you to say whatever you want. I’m definitely not done, but it will be a fun benchmark in my blogging growth to go back and update it every so often.


    • Hi Brantley — thanks so much for your note yesterday and glad you’re finding the blogging thing satisfying. It is cool to go back years later and see where you were…I hope you continue to enjoy it. I know I do. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting! – Bill


  5. i have gained a lot from the experience as well. friends and family have told me the same thing, they’ve begun to understand me better. all good in my book –


  6. Blogging can be enriching – it can be frustrating and demoralizing, too – which does seem to describe building relationships in the physical world. I’ve met so many people through my blogs who I wish were living in my town. But, then, there are times when I realize that my readers, through their comments, don’t know me at all.


    • Yeah, it’s really funny — it mocks intimacy, but in many ways, it’s the only way you’d ever get to know (or meet) so many different people…I find it fascinating and I’m conflicted with it. I love your observations, thanks for sharing. – Bill


  7. Actually, I think the magic comes in spurts all along the way. In between those times it may become a little boring but only if you let it.


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