Why the leaves fall

There is an old woman collecting leaves on the sidewalk
No one notices what happens to all the leaves
They are like days we sometimes save
and they can be beautiful,
and look like all the rest

The days are no different than the leaves
How they come to form a backdrop,
a million endless days you would never notice,
never think to count

When we look back, and find one crinkled in a book
we wonder why we tried to save them,
they don’t look the same.

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9 replies

  1. Just now listened to this, sent there by the Baker book I’m reading. Fall music. Leaf music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3geejD5Dksk


  2. but know there was a reason we kept them, for they were each special in their own moment in time.


  3. I had a post last fall on leaves. I was admiring the beautiful changes in the colors. There was a fella raking all these leaves together and piling them on his truck to take to his garden. Here this guy was cleaning up a street that the city should clean, but he was doing it for a purpose. hum…Not sure where I was going with this. Maybe that leaf you saved–had a purpose at that time…..Happy Fall Bill,
    your friend,


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