Moon song for März

The moon is yellow and full and low in the sky
and the sky no longer drops now, it’s a slow fade to dusk.

I walk the lake road
and a car comes round the bend
and with the swoosh of the taillight in this frozen frame
it’s a paradise right here,
but I can only think of leaving.

And I walk to the park, to the baseball field
to admire the moon
and there’s a beam-me-up quality to it
just standing there alone,
it’s a soft mirror that won’t talk back,
it just grins and makes you think
it’s listening:

I am the only poet in the park on the bench writing after dark

I take the trail into the woods,
I crave the fearlessness of youth and know
I am as much a spirit as any who would harm me here,
likely more —

And I become larger than myself in the dark,
for I cannot see my feet strike the ground,
but know that they do,
I return to my senses
when forced to use them
and close my eyes to see inside.

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  1. Yay – that last stanza, Bill. Coincides with one of my own recent passing thoughts. I took a photo of my shadow which was HUGE in the winter sun. I thought of posting it – releasing my inner giant. Perhaps I will. I love the strains of melancholy conjured in the second stanza too. And this line: “and know
    I am as much a spirit as any who would harm me here,
    likely more —”


    • I’d love to see that photo! I took some similar with my dog up on a snowy ridge this past weekend, taking in some vistas and fresh air. Remarkable. So glad you stopped by Tish! Beautiful moon, this month. Any month you can see it I suppose.

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      • Just to reply to these comments, I like taking self portraits and photographing my shadow, as it falls across the fields, is one of my favourite pictures. Recently I have noticed that I am shrinking. At noon I used to cast a twenty foot shadow and now it is barely ten foot. I am afraid that I may disappear soon.


      • I like that. Disappearing may be good, in some Zen way (going back to Zero, as it were). I hope things are well in the Forest of Dean. I was reading a bit about it on Wiki and think I read that Black Sabbath recorded an album there or some-such. Must have been quite the hub-bub for what appears a restful community. Could make for a good comedy routine, to relive that scene.

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  2. Thoughts on the poem: Yes, the bit about taking the trail into the woods struck deep. I always feel at home in the forest at night. Partly I know that I am the most dangerous animal in the jungle, although I would never bring harm, I am the Human Race but for a while I can forget that. To sleep there at night without the encumbrance of a tent, to look at the stars through the trees and listen to the Owls hunting and the Badger and Boar rustling through the leaf litter, it fixes my soul. It brings me a peace that I sometimes think that I couldn’t live without, like a heroin addict I have to have my fix, I need to feel the rough surface of a tree and the harmony of life. there is nothing that would harm me here.

    I am not a poet and I am not sure if that is what you meant but that is what I read because that is what is in my heart. (That is what I wanted to read)


  3. I can picture you there on the bench in the park, writing by yourself in the dark. I just hope you aren’t using the flashlight app on your phone. That would kind of spoil the image.


    • It’s funny you say that Walt, because I was out there in the goddamned baseball field thinking maybe I should whip out my phone but I knew that would be like false somehow, so yes: I made my way over to the peach glow of a lamp and knelt there and did scrawl this, ambient-like. Heavy, huh. So glad you shared that DSOTM lyrical scrap with me last week because I never paid attention to it. It’s changed my life sort of. Today I had to return a $50 Harry Potter wand at B&N that like changes IR devices or something because my daughter changed her mind (good) that she wants a purse instead for her tenth birthday. And so I thought of you. It all went well.


      • The lyrics in Time are something else, aren’t they? I was driving around one day when it came on the radio. I’d heard the song a thousand times just like everyone else, but that day the lyrics really struck me. I think you have to be older, or in a certain situation, to appreciate them. Which is odd because those guys (or that guy, Roger Waters I guess) were pretty young when they wrote the thing. Mid twenties I think. Must have been old souls.

        Yeah, there’s no magic in those wands.


      • Yeah, for whatever you might think of Pink Floyd and the role they sort of put themselves in, or never quite left with the Syd era, some of their songs are just amazing. I mean the lyrics and the music. And Time is one of those for sure. I’m going out for a dip in the moon now, to soak up some animal inspiration if there’s any to be found in my neighbourhood. That sounds weird but there you have it.


      • And even more so when you consider that all of those sounds had to be recorded. There was no sampling or cutting and pasting back then. The spoken lines layered in were recorded for that purpose, for expanse. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know. Have you seen the making of doc on DSOTM? It’s great, and fascinating.

        That does sound weird. Especially if you are crawling on all fours and howling with them, or some such. I might try it when it warms up here in about five months.


  4. You nail moon poetry. A ripe subject, no doubt, but still no easy feat. Love the piece as a whole, but particularly the part about walking in the dark with animal fearlessness. I could feel it too. The moon is bright here this morning, reflecting on the snow we got yesterday. I got up thinking someone left a light on.


    • Thanks Kristen – and happy Friday. Think I’m going out in that moon now while there’s still a bit left in the sky. Appreciate your kind words, and look forward to more of your writing when you have the time and space for it!

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  5. I’m glad Tish released her Inner Giant, Bill. It’s a striking image backed by powerful thoughts, and has brought me here, to sit on the bench with you, in the dark. 🙂 It’s fine writing!


    • Hi Jo! Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words, means a lot to me. Yes, I loved the photo and was touched that Tish offered me some credit for the inspiration. She’s a treat. Best to you and yours, and enjoy your week! – Bill

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