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Chance meeting, Mr. Zhang

Today I met Mr. Zhang at the park. He passed us once then returned a second time and pulled up a seat. He was a non-person to me before he stopped, we got to know each other through words. I … Continue reading

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The spirit begat you

The old fishermen who gather on the docks in the early morning bundled, bent over, drawing out line and outfitted with plastic bags and baseball caps The sky clouds trees, The water reminds us there is more than ourselves and that’s why … Continue reading

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Put away for safe-keeping

That first night you turned your back and my arm fell off in bed, we were made statues then like brittle, precious things put away for safe-keeping, hard to move.

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When the sun came through my window

The backs of the butterfly wings caught fire and it was a deep-blooded copper glow when the sun came through my window, the backs, and it has come to represent so much more, the stained glass pane my mom and … Continue reading

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Putting the man in project management

The weather has been like a Greek play and I don’t understand what’s going on, one moment it’s calm and there’s singing, the next it’s like the world will end. And you would have thought with all this fussiness I … Continue reading

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The handlebar mustache sequence

The English professor looked like a smaller version of David Crosby. Like if you let the air out of David Crosby, that’s what he’d look like. Except they let too much out of his face, to where the cheekbones looked … Continue reading

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I don’t know what I like, but I know art

Originally posted on Drinking Tips for Teens:
$10,000 please. Gallery Parsnippy is delighted and positively damp with pleasure as we present new artistic works in our spring show. “Zoltan’s Anvil” by Trevor Sproud – mixed media Free at last, free…

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