I don’t know what I like, but I know art

If for some odd reason you’re not following Ross, you should. Have a snort at his latest, here. The world needs more clowns.

Drinking Tips for Teens

art $10,000 please.

Gallery Parsnippy is delighted and positively damp with pleasure as we present new artistic works in our spring show.

“Zoltan’s Anvil” by Trevor Sproud – mixed media
Free at last, free at last, peanut-free at last. This is the visionary future conveyed in Sproud’s triumphant embrace via meta-whimsical nuance of a mixed retrovision, encapsulated in this stunning new piece: a jar of Planters dry-roasted peanuts embedded in an ant farm. The jar itself is filled with the shredded bits of vintage hockey cards, reminding the viewer of a more innocent time, now lost, or perhaps tossed in the trash during an impulsive basement purge, regrettably so, because those cards would be worth a fortune now. But can the past or the future truly be monetized? Obviously. The ants-as-community-as-proletariat are reminders that all those television extras one sees in restaurant scenes are talking to each other about their plans…

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  1. That’s a parody of my last post, you know? I feel I’m being poked with a sharp stick but I kind of like it. I find it strangely flattering.


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