Songs of innocence

Have a look at this lovely piece by a lovely writer, Kevin Brannan. Here’s to good music, good memories, and our future past.


Over the weekend I read a few articles about the Grateful Dead. I guess they’ve finally called it quits or something. I was never a big Deadhead, and even when I give the old Haight-Ashbury gang a spin I don’t see what all the fuss was about. (I think it might have had to do with drugs…)

There’s something powerful about music that gets into your chemistry, though, so I can see why The Dead hit someone else just right. There must be something organic and molecular about music. Maybe it gets your cells all vibrating at the same frequency, but I think it’s also a matter of when you encounter particular music. There’s no reason, for instance, that I should get all choked up over the second movement of Maurice Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G more than, say, Schubert’s “Death And The Maiden,” except that I first heard the…

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  1. Thanks a mil for the reblog, Bill! It really seems like what you’re exposed to when you’re 15, 16 or so sticks and sticks hard. Makes a form of time travel possible!


    • Sure thing – I went back and reread it a few times I liked it so much. And it inspired me to track down that Ravel piece. One of my favorite artists is Mark Kozelek and on his recent new record, under the Sun Kil Moon name, he talks a bit about Ravel too, and a lot about Led Zeppelin, and apes Page some. But this is about you, not about him. Thanks for sharing those beautiful memories, you made them real for me.


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