An honest living

We unroll a map of Scotland that hangs off the edges it’s so big, can’t fit on the table. Some coarse navigating between destinations, time tables, circling forests and lochs, places they make Scotch. Late October, Scotland. October leaning into November, bad weather, winds. The Scots.

My friend Andrew pulls it up on his iPad in their kitchen and dillies the map with his finger, a circus trick. Uses broad gestures to yank it right open.

And Erica’s son Casey has a five dollar app he uses to make brickfilms, claymation, three minute movies on his phone. We see their kids once or twice a year and they’re growing so fast, each time it’s like we’re in a different part of their trilogy.

Chris slips on the grass it’s so dry, like hay.

“This goes without saying” is a terrible thing to say before you say something you know you shouldn’t say but you’re going to anyway, like “six years ago I was in much better shape than I am now,” which is true, and doesn’t need to be said.

I took to the hills with relish then and now, I don’t. My chest sags in the way of the slouch. Physicality onstage, physicality off. Ironically, felt today for the first time like I could really go back to work, had an odd thirst for an honest living. Might have been a fluke, I hope.

Went to see a Travel Nurse though I didn’t see the sense in it, but was reminded we weren’t up to date with Hep A/B, and why not throw in a Typhoid? Got stuck in each arm by an apologetic nurse and went back to our days, all four of us. Began composing a blog post for LinkedIn in my mind, my first one: a meeting of my two halves, hope they get along.

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  1. Trilogy parts: that’s a great image. Something Shakespeare never said.

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  2. Ooh, where in Scotland are you planning to go?


    • Hi Cali! Not really sure yet – just started planning. Well, just bought a map I should say. Driving up there from Germany via Amsterdam to Newcastle-on-Tyne late October, then going clockwise around the country starting at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness…ferry to Belfast around late November. So, a month total in Scotland. Would love any tips! Looks like you’ve been to the Rockies lately. Not bad! – Bill


      • Yes the mountains were beautiful! That sounds like such an amazing trip! I wrote up a map and description of things to see and do in Edinburgh for my parents last year, I’ll email it to you and you can see if there’s anything of interest on it. I did a lot of exploring of the rest of the country when I was there too so I’ll include whatever else I can remember. It’s such a gorgeous place!


      • You rock. I’m indebted and will return the favor if ever you look to the Pacific Northwest. West coast of Ireland-like, I think. Thanks kindly Cali!

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    • I meant counter clockwise (jeez). Just got into my coffee here.

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  3. I can’t keep up with this, you’re going too fast for me. But I do hope your two halves get together. Or maybe not. Maybe you should choose one or the other. I halve no idea, but it sounds wise.


    • Just for you (because it’s you), I’ll take a day off so you can catch up. But I might get the itch tonight, just sayin’. I don’t know about my two halves; they may be like puzzle pieces that appear to fit but don’t when you put them together, and then you have that awkward sensation.


  4. enjoy your upcoming adventure, with both halves. they will meet somewhere in the middle, i’m quite sure, just like both of your immunization-pocked arms connect to one shared body.


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