Anyone at all

IMG_2833When the time comes
you have nowhere
left to go,
go back to sleep
and forget about things
for sleep is like death
and won’t come
when it’s called –

it’s better to sleep
without the weight
of dreams and wake
with no memory
of who you are or
wanted to be,
then you can be
anyone you wanted
to be, or no one at all.

Image from a poster at McMenamins Edgefield outside Portland, OR announcing Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade concert, artist unknown.

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  1. A reference to Edgefield was about the last thing I expected to encounter when firing up the reader…


    • One of my favourite places on Earth, mostly because it feels like a foreign planet. Especially enjoy visiting this time of the year. And makes for some very rich phone pictures in my library to pull up, now and then…we’re away from the States for about a year but that’s one place I’ll be sure to return to, next year. Thanks for visiting Dave. – Bill

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  2. a fresh start every day. begin anew.


  3. I had one of those wakes this morning. I was drunk off delta waves and didn’t know who or where I was… Being no one is liberating.

    And reminds me of a quote…
    “I’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.” -Holden Caulfield, from J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”


    • “Drunk off delta waves” is good, made me pause – unfortunately, I first thought of an airline and flying, or being in a boat, but I suppose sleep can be like that too. It’s rare I wake in the morning and feel good about going back to sleep – the pitter patter of rain starting on a Sunday and nowhere to be is bliss. I was also being ironic in the poem, by implying it’s a liberating thing, to shake off dreams and go back to sleep – but beneath that, there’s also the other side of being ‘anyone at all’ to where you aren’t unique, one could argue it’s our dreams that make us different.
      I like the HC quote too. That’s very Salinger, the joy of being nobody.


  4. Superb!


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