The world of nameless birds

DSC_0333The cemetery birds sing a more soulful tune
in the dark of the tree’s last leaves,
like ghosts, most pass by unseen,
real for just a moment, it seems.

And the cemetery rocks look the same
as any other stones, the birds don’t know
what lies below, can’t read the inscriptions
that try to say it all in just a few words —

Still I return to make the same pattern in the leaves
and the names on the stones mean nothing to me
but I wait for a cry from the dark I can’t see
and like the dead, the nameless birds, I’ll be.

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19 replies

  1. Beautiful. have you had the opportunity to visit Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris ?


    • Merci! I have not, but it sounds like I should from your message here. We hope to get there early next year, once we can re-enter the Schengen in early February. If you have anything to share about it, please do!


      • I have a lots to share about it. It’s the most famous cemetery in paris because many many celebrities are buried there including James Morrison but that’s not what’s interesting about Père Lachaise. What I like above all is it’s original conception. The clergyman père lachaise was a heir and he spent a good part of his fortune in the creation of the cemetery. He wanted ot to be a beautiful place for the dead to rest and the souls to find peace. The old side of the cemetery looks more like a parc than a memory place. If you part from the obligatory tourists, you’ll find a beautiful romantic and mysterious place with its cat pack, its beautiful funerary monuments and it entrance to the catacombes, the hidden tunnels below Paris.

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      • So much better hearing about it from a real person than looking this up on Wikipedia, so thank you for sharing…I’ll have to see it next time we are in Paris. I knew Jim Morrison was buried there, but forgot the name of the cemetery, so thank you for sharing this…and the hidden catacombs beneath Paris, too. Great history. Bon weekend! – Bill

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      • Jim lays among great poets and writers. If you have time, make sur to visit Montmartre cemetery too. It’s very beautiful too. I lived in Paris for ten years, so don’t hesitate to ask.


      • That is very cool – thank you for the offer!
        We had a splendid evening of friends and Raclette, ended with chilled Becherovka (but will try your advice next time, on the salad). Cheers, – Bill


  2. Mmmm. Love a good graveyard and I love the idea of the cemetary birds being different from other brids, singing a different song.
    There’ll be a lot of graveyards about ove the next few weeks, on my own blog included. Let’s go read some inscriptions ….


  3. The Seahawks lost their football game AGAIN today, how could they be so good last year and so bad this year???? arrrrgghhhh I think a cemetery would be more fun, that’s where I will go for the next game! Yeah! peaceful and interesting.


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