Rebirth of a shirt

When the undershirt’s worn out,
it’s conformed to its owner and
lost all likeness of itself
then may it be put in the can
and forgotten, to know it’s
run its course and can return.

Let me not grow nostalgic
for things like this I’ve worn,
that have seen all I’ve seen —
or put too much into those
things that will come and go,
whose fabric will lose its shape,
collapse, and be discarded
with other bits of trash from
one small can to another,
to a truck, to a hole,
buried somewhere with bits
of itself still there,
though unseen.

Scottish Highlands, near John O'Groats ferry

Scottish Highlands, near John O’Groats ferry

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21 replies

  1. the ebb and flow of life and the things within

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  2. Is that why it is sometimes difficult to clean out closets? There are items that “have seen what I have seen”. Interesting!

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  3. Correction:”that have seen all that I have seen!”

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  4. If it’s a good enough shirt, it will not be reborn.


  5. Hi Bill! It can be tough, getting rid of certain clothes. My other half had this amazing pair of jeans when I first met him – so tight, he virtually had to disclocate his ankles to put them on. They were faded, patched to hell (a very eclectic mixture of scraps from his mums sewing box – I remember a square of pink corduroy – and bits of old band tee shirts). He wore those jeans til his backside fell out of them. It was a sad day for us both when he had to throw them away – it was like letting go of an early part of our relationship.
    But then, we all need to move on eventually. Well done for breaking free of that shirt – and for expressing it in such an eloquent way.

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    • Hi Lynn — thanks for sharing that story about your husband and your kind note here. I heard from my wife recently that our skin cells all die at such a rate that we’re effectively different organisms every seven years or so…not sure I got that exactly right, but that’s the gist. I think this T-shirt here is going in the trash and with it, a part of myself that doesn’t need saving anymore, and what a relief that is (for my wife probably, too).
      We’re leaving this find land of yours next week and enjoyed our time here. Thank you for the suggestions you shared way back when, seems like not too long ago. Next week, we’ll be back to speaking bad German, with a bit of bad French along the way. Hope you’re well and enjoying the start to your new year. Best, Bill

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  6. I really like your writing it’s really great. Love the message and the power of this poem.

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  7. Nice. I enjoyed your writing and the image is stunning as well. Thank you. Check out my Journey of Spirit and Healing Blog. As a writer, you may enjoy my writing blog. It’s the journey behind the writing of my novel, Child of Duende, published in March.


    • Hi Michelle – thanks for your note and visiting my blog. Yes, I made a similar trip from east to west in 96 (similar, in that I went the same direction but most likely, that may be all that was similar between our experiences!). We went Philadelphia to Seattle, about as far as one can go in the States. And I’ll be working through that in my rewrite of my book now, too. Thanks for connecting with me and looking forward to hearing more about your journey also. Bill


  8. I really enjoyed this!
    You wrote enough to understand the text with just the right amount of emptiness for readers imply whatever their heart desires. So each and every person can have some sort of connection. Or so that is how I interpreted it.

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it and truly appreciate you sharing your interpretation…that’s what makes this so fun and gratifying. I’m glad you shared a taste for the emptiness and hope still there’s some sense of redemption for us both, for us all! Best to you and yours, Bill

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