Love and moss during wartime

German moss

Plaintive, silent moss
that exists but for
a balance between
water and light:

Can we appreciate
it for what it is
and ever stop
rearranging things?


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  1. Probably the biggest question you could ever ask, and so sparely put.

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  2. Moss and lichen are fascinating things when viewed close up – microcosms, tiny worlds that look like trees or forests or fields of miniscule grass. And lichen is actually two organisms which come together and form another organism, so hats off to them just for that.

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    • Amen Lynn. Am I a hippy that I like petting moss? Are there support groups, online forums? I just love the stuff for its simplicity and how it just “is.” No campaigning or politics in moss.

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      • Nothing wrong with enjoying the simple wonder of things. I’ve been known to pet moss myself – it’s hugely tactile stuff! I remember as a kid, growing up in Derbyshire where there are a ton of limsetone outcrops littering the hills, looking VERY, VERY closely at lichens and their delicate structures – being delighted at the tiny ammonites I found in the rocks. Still love a rock. My son bought me a slice of fossilised tree for Christmas – just amazing. If you’re sitting on the ‘hippy step’, budge up, cos that means I’m one too!

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      • Let’s put the hip back into hippy, starting with a Moss-in.

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      • Ha! Love the sound of that 🙂


  3. After reading this in my inbox this morning, I came across a related post on Facebook:

    Follow the link… I think you’ll find it interesting! 🙂

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    • It is interesting Tim and what’s better, “maintenance free.” How nice that would be with other sectors of our lives: just take a shower and keep things alive! Wunderbar! Happy we’re in touch here, brings me happy memories. And hope we’ll hook up some day at the Brazen Head, or in Burien. Bill


  4. Hmm, somehow I don’t think my wife would go for the moss rug.


  5. The title suggest this in some way relates to war. Is war another way of saying ‘rearranging things’?

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    • I think so, if you agree with the notion of lines on a map being artificial borders. It’s complicated isn’t it? Unlike the seeming simplicity of moss, that just sits there soaking up sun.

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