Blog posts are bread crumbs the birds can’t eat

IMG_5050The look of the sky today
started pink but ended gray,
and as I went walking
I worried,
did I have enough to break off
to find my way,
or would I get lost
in the forest
and the others
with so little,
or so much to say?


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  1. Seems spring gas come and we are all embracing the sky in our own way. Cheers

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  2. So it might be finding your way in the dark, or maybe finding your way back? I’m trying to sound profound here but I’m not sure it’s working. Either way there is a lot to get lost in. I do like book tower.


    • I try to sound profound sometimes and well, don’t. This started as something different, something more earnest, like looking back on posts to see how far you’ve come as a way of finding yourself, etc., but it didn’t pan out, and still I couldn’t let go of it because I liked the title too much to leave it in that bin of unsent drafts, so I wrestled it to the ground and here you go. Also gave me an excuse to use Book Tower which is right up your alley, from some street in Kreuzberg Berlin, outside a used book store. You probably noticed the typewriter at the top of it, very “waltbox.”


  3. kind of dr. seuss-ish and liking it. keep writing, poet. don’t give up and forge ahead. leave us that trail to follow.

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  4. Red sky at morning; sailor’s warning. Blogger’s, too.


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