Birdsong reports before dawn

IMG_5659We set the coffeemaker to go off at 3 and it did. I got back from the airport before 5 and walked to the lake in the rain without an umbrella to see if anything happened and my friend Tim Ziegler was there, who did the music programming for Hear Music and Starbucks, who picked the songs for the discs: that Father’s Day all he wanted was his family to leave the house so he could listen to the new Sonic Youth album, the one with Rain on Tin, that they could make a whole song out of that sound, that builds and drops, a soundtrack for the sea.

And when we got off work delivering pizzas on the nightshift that summer in Maryland we’d gather up blankets and beers and drive down to the beach while it was still dark and the sand was wet from the surf, and the others went out on their boards if the tide was up but I stayed back with a girl who worked the front counter and played my favorite CD on the boom box for her, which she said she liked, but she was saying something more by the way she said it.

Getting the keys for the first time to open the café on Carson Street and playing whatever music I wanted as loud as I wanted — putting the bagels and ashtrays out, brewing coffee into airpots, counting the till.

The mornings in Stratford-upon-Avon I walked alone to the dog park to watch the dawn and felt like I’d done something, I’d gotten up to write. Taking pictures fooling myself I could take some of it home with me.

I get to the end of our gravel road unsure which way to turn but always go right, and there are pictures of a cat who’s gone missing several weeks and needs medication, and I think they should probably take the signs down now.

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  1. Love the effort to take home something ethereal from Stratford on Avon. It’s probably stored in there somewhere and will work its way out like those wood beetles that bore their way out of wood after years of dormancy.


    • That’s good Jon. Yes, I had some of my best writing the month of January this year, while we were there. I think that’s where I restarted my engine so to speak, started my first rewrite. Would like to think there’s some magic by proximity to Shakespeare, why the heck not. We stayed right around the corner, and our landlord said “to get to town, take the gap through Shakespeare’s garden.” Bill

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  2. I went to the opening of the original Hear Music in Berkeley, whatever damn year that was. A relative of my wife was one of the founders. It’s “defunct” now, as they say, but seemed like a cool concept at the time. Then came the mp3 …


    • It’s that relative Don MacKinnon by any chance? He is one super dude. Yes, “then came the mp3.” It was a good run while it lasted. They were a cool outfit, with some really good people, did a lot of good for Starbucks I think. Hopefully had more fun than not along the way. Weird…I was up from about 2 — 6:30 and just got up again. I think I’ll make more coffee! Enjoy your day my friend. Bill


  3. Sounds like a damn fine day. Makes me want to crank up some Sonic Youth and bask in some feedback.

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    • I had to do the same. They really never disappoint. My friend who’s a musician seemed to miss out on them and now I’m making him a mix. Made me rethink the essential records they did and so happy a handful of them were the later recordings. Thurston once said of my favorite band The Fall “I have about 20 of their albums and they all sound different but they all sound like The Fall.” That’s true to an extent of SY I think. Now go put on your hi-Fi my friend. Thanks for visiting. Bill


  4. Channeling Raymond Carver in this one. Especially that last paragraph. *snap*

    What Stratford-upon-Avon? In England?

    Do you play an instrument? You sure should.

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