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  1. Almost a haiku feel to this one.


  2. The silence of autumn. Makes me feel something is coming, the quiet before … But that’s probably just me 🙂 Lovely imagery Bill

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    • No, I know how you think and you’re right, something should be coming. That was just a moment “in between” I think, on my sofa. I resisted making the sun a messy egg yolk, I think that’s been done before. But we’ve done everything there is to do to the sun, haven’t we? (“There’s a little black spot on the sun today,” that’s one of my favorites, from the Police.)

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      • Yes, everything has been done. All we can do is put our own tweak on things, add our own spice. Yes, a great Police line – is it = from King of Pain?


      • Yes, that’s the one: “that’s my soul up there” those lyrics are remarkable, through and through, and perfect for Autumn. (There’s a dead salmon frozen in a waterfall,) I guess you’d call it imagist. We have to put words to things

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      • That’s what humans do, isn’t it, represent what they see and feel and experience in some tangible form. It’s what separates us from the twitching, dreaming dogs 🙂

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  3. I’ll add a line, “I hear my neighbor’s leaf blower.” Yours are better.


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