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Spellbound colander of treetops amid bruised cloud aperture

It’s funny, when I think about James Joyce now I wonder how much of his art is judged by what he said vs. how he said it, the fact he freed others to rethink writing: or that his book went … Continue reading

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A day in the life, a life in the day

29 Nov 16: Tuesday, got home from work, really felt like a man, spit in the toilet, regarded my slacks, my pose, thought I should heat the hot tub for later. Realized how petty I was and didn’t care, gloating … Continue reading

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Birth rights

Perhaps it was on that day I was very small, I decided what I wanted to be. There was a small satisfaction in that, a place to sit and fit. And we all need that. I remember they were happy … Continue reading

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November spawned a monster

Rainy Thursday morning, Thanksgiving at the lake, all to myself. The level’s come up to the rocks, nowhere to sit. Ginger has a private crap somewhere in the trees. The rain makes a pattern across the surface, little black dots rippling, … Continue reading

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This time of year the light

I don’t know if I was sick or what but I couldn’t stop feeling cold, so I had a bath even though I’d showered earlier, and when I got in I reached for a cloth but it didn’t seem clean, … Continue reading

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A matter of degrees

Lily’s crying upstairs now but it’s not the cries of a child, it’s the depths of horror, of hormones. She doesn’t seem interested (in an emotional way) in the bedtime ritual, it’s more transactional now—like anything, it doesn’t happen overnight, … Continue reading

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This time of year the mountains

When the girl at the Whole Foods asked how my day was going I paused and had to laugh, how much I wanted her to know, she should read my blog. Leaving the office at 2 PM and stopping for … Continue reading

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