The moon so close, again the rain

IMG_4119Went down to the den, turned out the lights, waited for the moon. The cat got on me and I cupped her head in my palms, Egyptian, an upside-down pyramid from the tip of the nose, fans out to the ears: all that went into making it.

The guys who live across the street rent, but they were out Saturday night fixing the potholes on our gravel road and I thought I should get them some beer to say thanks. I went to the BevMo! because they sold me bad chocolate and I wanted store credit since it cost $6 and I felt a pissed, the liqueur inside had crystallized and the chocolate was widowed and weird.

The cashier said I needed my receipt. I changed my tone and said some things but left without my credit, got increasingly mad, pulled the receipt out of my recycling and drove the three miles back in the rain, a Sunday afternoon. I had my turntable going and could have been there on the sofa with a beer but instead I was driving back to talk about six dollars.

When I arrived at the store I caught my reflection in the glass and made myself stop and flick my head to get the crick out of my neck and breathe, and then the doors slid open and I said to the manager we need to talk, and led him to the display with the bad chocolate.

He was younger than me and looked nervous. The color changed in his face and his lip flickered and I realized I was being that guy. I was having a hard time controlling the tone in my voice, was starting to shake.

I pocketed my six dollars and drove home feeling a bit better, but also embarrassed, a bit small.

Dawn said the last time the moon was this big was 1948, the last time there was an upset with the president, the Dewey-Truman one, where they printed the wrong outcome on the papers I guess.

I had a moment before I got in the shower I thought, it’s Monday morning, it’s dark and raining, I have to go to work, and I’m so freaking happy I have a job. The weatherman said it would be a race between the moon and the clouds tonight, if we could see it, and I saw its white glow through the trees just now, but it’s gone back behind the gauze again—and hard to believe it’s even there, so close.

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  1. I’m sure you weren’t ‘that’ guy. Love how you stepped outside yourself, saw how small and young and nervous the manager was, though you could argue if he didn’t sell crap chocolate he wouldn’t have been in that position. Had plenty of experience of ‘that’ guy (though often ‘that’ gal too) and you sound less sweary 🙂 We didn’t see much of the super moon either – love that gauzy description, so apt

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    • No moon to be had, here. Another grand upset. Wait another 40 years perhaps.

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      • Shame, eh? Typical darn weather. Should move somewhere sunny really, but I can’t think of owt worse than California – somewhere you don’t get rained on. Awful 🙂


      • I know right! No rain, no pain man. No reason to be glum. No art in that for me, sister. Too much sun maketh the poet gay. Not a good gay, either. Not to imply there’s such a bad thing as gay, really. Just not good if you want to suffer and write about it.

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      • Melancholia is no bad thing, artistically speaking – ask Albrecht Durer. Although, when you reach Van Gogh levels, you should go watch Glee or a Disney film. Or maybe not, actually. Aladdin having no nipples always made me really angry 🙂

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  2. “get off my lawn”! only a matter of time ) i think it was the supermoon taking over, you were simply it’s pawn. and i thank you on behalf of all chocolate lovers. i think you should buy that timid manager a fresh chocolate bar )

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  3. That’s a heluva scam though, hitting up liquor stores to, what, return defective chocolates bought elsewhere? I know that shaky angry feeling and hate it. This super moon reminds me of Cosmo’s moon from Moonstruck (which no male still living has seen or will admit to seeing) only that moon made people fall in love and this one is making us all a little angry. The moon makes a beautiful scapegoat.

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  4. My mom is one of those ladies who has a tone that gets results when it comes to salespeople. She has a way with turning her head, saying something edgy and getting that 20% off kicked up to 35%…it always embarrassed me as a kid, but now that I’m a little older I seem to have inherited her skills. I play a good angry white male which I probably should be embarrassed about, but now that it’s my money…
    The Super Moon dodged me here in Sequim, but that’s what we get for living where there is weather.
    Have a good day at work.

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  5. You know, “that guy” only comes out because there’s so much BS to contend with on a daily basis that it’s the little thing that really gets to him. It’s a winnable war. But I think he flares up because he doesn’t want to risk losing the winnable war. (Probably speaking for my “that guy” more than yours …)

    Hope you had that beer, after all!

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  6. It’s like when I see people walking up 6th Avenue yammering into their mobile phones. Out loud. I know it’s okay to be mad but the amount of anger welling up inside of me is out of proportion with the offence being committed. It’s all a $6 bar of bad chocolate.

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