Birth rights

Brad's cabin, '13
Brad’s cabin, ’13

Perhaps it was on that day I was very small,
I decided what I wanted to be.
There was a small satisfaction in that,
a place to sit and fit.
And we all need that.

I remember they were happy with me,
for who I wanted to be,
everyone was happy there was a place
for me, though it was hard
and we didn’t see that at first.

Now I walk to the lake and it’s become
something more, the lake:
and on the way, the moss grown
plump in the cracks, the sidewalk
soggy: the aspect of the trees and
sky this time of year. It makes me
glad for who I am, though hard
to reconcile, with what I do.

By pinklightsabre

Bill Pearse publishes memoir, travel journals, poetry and prose, and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

70 replies on “Birth rights”

I’ve nearly forgotten it. I had a weird moment when I wrote this when I thought I recalled it and figured it was worth trying to save. Gone.

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It shouldn’t take much to send your brain off into a weird, dark place. But I’m always happy to. Hey, it’s my birthday tomorrow! Be the first to let me know! Send me a note sometime soon, tell me how you’re doing. No talk of clowns either.

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It was a journey for 50 years to actually live what I knew to be my passion: to help people.
My mother always discouraged my outreaches to people. “You need to live your own life,” she’d say.

Today, I have come into my own, now mentoring people who wish to find that grounded place, too.
Your poem brought it home with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

Sweet peace,

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Hey sweet peace to you Kat and your kind words, your story of helping others. What the world be like without people like you? Thanks for visiting. Bill

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I wish you well on that, for me it’s a very brief but important place that’s physical and internal, to feel settled. Thanks for reading and sharing your point of view. — Bill

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porate mi a skuste mi napisať či biste vedeli niečo urobit PRE MNA ! švagrom ukradol mi pred 3 rokmi 2200eur ako ist na nan ho aby ich vratil či biste mi pomohli odpište gde sa mam iformovat a čo bi to stalo taka niejaka služba od vas čakam odpovet tu som tu celi den a trapi ma to aj preto že rozbija on rodinu a ja platim ešte ludi pomimo čakam odpovet TU ! či na gmail

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Takes some time to trust and find your own voice, a daily practice and great readers like you to share it with! Thanks for reading and glad you liked it my friend! Bill

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