Record lows prose, mid-December blues

Umtanum Canyon, eastern Washington

Umtanum Canyon, eastern Washington

I think the iPod gave up the ghost tonight. Outside after dark in the garden beds peeing how quiet and cold, so dry and cold, it’s like every individual hair in my nose feels it and quivers, it’s like all the plants do the same and their feathery little lamb ears like frost crystals or distant stars or planets how they sigh with the cold and the dark, the plants, the trees stripped back and how I relate to them hanging on and trembling on the cusp, how we may not make it through, how the look that gives us I like.

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  1. What a great photo Bill, an atmospheric snapshot, just like your writing. Can almost feel that cold ‘trembling on the cusp.’ Great stuff

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    • Thanks Lynn! That’s just about an hour and a half from where we live, east over the Cascade mountains…love the buttes there and funny colored lichen that grows on the rock faces…snakes, hawks too! Good place to be inspired. Thanks for reading. Bill

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  2. Great imagery. Feather lamb ears.

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  3. Easy to relate to the trees, isn’t it? They react to every nudge of the wind, but they’re solidly anchored too. Though we saw a tree on a hike the other day that had just decided to lean down without really cracking. Yep, I can relate!

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  4. Definitely felt like a look into The Void. This time of year has me so conflicted; I’m sentimental about the holidays to an absurd degree, but I also get quite down with the weather, the lack of light, the strain I’m feeling from myself and my wife and my sick kid and all of my students who are feeling the strain from cold houses and no food at home and shitty food at school. Sometime’s it’s hard to hear toothpaste-commercial-esque singers belting out, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It is and it ain’t. That’s my response to a lot of things these days. Thanks for your prose, sir.


  5. That was an odd and intense little paragraph there. It went from zero to sixty, then faster, then slammed on the brakes in the last phrase at the end after the last comma. Made me shake my head and go “ruh?” like Scooby Doo there at the end. And the photo is a little hypnotic, too. Also, I recommend you keep the Barbies away from the Elves, as that can only mean trouble.

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    • Hey old friend! We are having a port by the fire and playing Morrissey and talking nonsense, no different than any other day. Raising one to you and yours and a sentimental nudge southeast, good sir. Drop me a line, let me know what gives. Bill


  6. hang on as we are heading towards spring. may be too late for your iPod.


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