If the world could be a sweater and I could try it on before buying it

img_2509Bit by bit
he watched all
the iPods, phones,
and tablets come
back ashore,
come back to the store
with their cords
and their cases,
and he put them
in a box
in the back to be
picked up on
to go somewhere
for the carrion crows
to pick all the meat
from their necks
and sell the rest
for scrap.

And he debated how much
to put in the Cloud,
there wasn’t much
more to keep,
not much straw
or stuffing
to make him complete—

who thought one
day we’d write poems
about data, how it’s
and not words
that make us whole,

that all of us
can be reduced
down to ones
and zeroes,

and that zeroes
like circles
complete a line,
but look empty
like a hole,

and some say
that’s the start,
that’s the return:
to forget
how much

we needed
that make us
feel full.

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18 replies

  1. Yes, I was just thinking about data myself (shy says wryly) having been with a gone-off internet for a day or two – love it, hate it.

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  2. Yowza. (Now, I’m going to play copy editor because it’s a sickness and I can’t help myself: did you mean “cord” instead of “chord”?)

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  3. This is scary and apocalyptic. And, unfortunately, true.


  4. yes, we work so hard to forget what will never go away – everything is immortalized on the interwebs…..

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  5. This is the best cloud based poetry solution I’ve seen.

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  6. Pillars and mounds my friend, pillars and mounds. Missed reading you in my recent computer hiatus, had to look through the back catalogue. Good to see we’re staying in the deep stuff. Been on dystopia, nihilistic stint lately in my reading, A Farewell to Arms, A Brave New World, Lolita, Orxy and Crake, got me looking pretty suspiciously at the world. But in it all you realize it sort of a sweet and sour thing, complexity, mutual definition. The ones and zero, are made in your image. The iPhone are I. I IPHONE, so I am. Thanks Buddy! Merry Christmas!


    • Hey Austin! Nice to see you again and thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to. I’m looking forward to catching up on the battery of posts you launched last night, to learn more! And thanks for being here, I missed your voice on your blog and also on mine, thanks for stopping back. And merry Christmas to the crew.

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      • Hello Bill! Missed this comment, still on cell phone data, but things are finally slowing down enough I’ve had some time to read and write more, including many of your recent posts, was missing reading ya. Got a bunch of great posts getting lined up, talking more about the details of our adventures. Hope all is well in your world!


      • So great to hear from you Austin! I saw you were back, on my phone, getting into work today…looking forward to catching up man, and hearing what’s going on?! Bill


  7. Must be the global gluttony of Christmas that’s making you think holes and emptiness that never fills. We’re all like the negative version of the Magic Porridge Pot – instead of being forever full, we’re forever empty, searching for something to fill us to the brim.
    Love the ones and zeroes and all amounting to nothing. Poetry about data – great thought Bill


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