After most humans were gone and it was just the robots

Facial Animation System "Alfred" (Wiki commons)

Facial Animation System “Alfred” (Wiki commons)

One day the robots started to romanticize the humans, what little they knew about them. They formed robot families, small social structures, gathered around screens. There was a film in black and white set around Christmas time with fake snow and the character had to rethink his life. One of the robots cried.

Perhaps it was that, this need to create art that separated them. The robots were made for production, to make man rich, to separate man. But man had the skill to make things, to make pretend he was God. Some robots studied human history so they could be like them; they were tired of just being robots.

They read about Shakespeare, about the play Macbeth: how a man, a leader could believe in witches and sorcery (what later became Technology): that to rule was a thing of nature, of divine right, and to interrupt that royal line was unnatural, supernatural: that Shakespeare managed to pair nature with the act of sleep so that when one of the characters murders a houseguest she can’t sleep the rest of the play and someone says, “you lack the season of all natures, sleep.” And why robots never sleep, they don’t have to.

In the end all this romanticizing about humans and wanting to feel and create was non-robotic and would be their downfall. Man made the robots but then the robots took over, and all this was likely man just trying to be like God, something he learned from the aliens they encoded in a drug in the Amazon some say is the only thing that can save us now from Trump and losing all our manufacturing jobs to robots, based on what I’m hearing on the news and from friends.

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  1. Now I feel sorry for the robots. It’s not a good idea for them to cry, though. Could short out their microcircuits.


    • Yes, partially inspired by your post yesterday, taking a stab at fake news writing. But I can’t dwell in the banal with it, I have to make it extra strange. HUGE!


  2. A veritable breakfast burrito of a post. My kids are playing Michael Bublé Christmas music. The robots are here.

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  3. funny thing is, this would be something that someone would post as news and there would be followers. oh, i guess i’m one of your followers –

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  4. “those evil natured robots / they’re programmed to destroy us / she’s gotta be strong to fight them / she’s taking lots of vitamins”

    I like how you are trying new things. Keep it up, it’s interesting and exciting.

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  5. Yeah, I really like these too. I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

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  6. Love that image of the robots studying humanity, trying to become more human by watching Christmas films – can fake sentiment and fake snow recycle into real emotions or will they just produce fascimiles? Love that – truly.
    And yes, we are all going to be replaced by robots – the governor of the Bank of England says it will happen and the men who control all the money sloshing round the world are always right 🙂


    • It was a Stephen Hawking story remarking on the populist movement compared with his predictions over job loss to robots. Scary mash-up. I am a huge fan of those themes in Macbeth and think there’s some correlation, something unnatural about what we’re doing here.

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      • Yes, Hawking does think we’ll be enslaved by robots, doesn’t he? Human beings are indeed odd creatures, almost striving to be as unnatural as we can manage, divorce ourselves from anything remotely animalistic, when we are just hairless apes. Interesting to think where it might all end

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  1. Human conversion into robots uglyyyy …………. – divyanshspacetech

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