Abusing cough syrup with New Age music and household pets

The progression of a Solar eclipse in Novosibirsk, Russia. -- Kalan, Wiki Commons

The progression of a Solar eclipse in Novosibirsk, Russia. — Kalan, Wiki Commons

We didn’t own any thermometers in the house, didn’t want to. I went to the store for a sponge so I could use one in the bath to warm up, and then I answered some emails and got into bed, got up, collected wood for a fire, emptied the ash and lit it, lay down again: and the cat came in for a cuddle and the dog rolled up in a ball, the fan on the wood stove blew and the dishwasher did too, the log made a sound like a gun with a silencer when it popped WOOF, WOOF!—and from my BlueTooth speaker a New Age artist droned, and in my other ear (the tinnitus), the sound of some high-pitched squeal, the air hissing from a leak, a blade cutting across ice: and I thought at last, I’m starting to get my energy back.

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  1. A bath and a fire with dog and cat. Sounds like a cure for the common cold. (All that’s missing is a bit of whiskey, but I guess the cough syrup will do.)

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  2. altered state of reality fest


  3. Me, I’ve got the tinnitus like a phaser set to stun. Could use some cough syrup.


    • Hey read my post tomorrow if able, aping you. Tell me how I did. That thing about flattery and imitation, and drone/robots. Sorry to hear you have the same curse. Get used to it.


      • That’s incendiary. I’m excited! Post it now!


      • Ok, hold on.


      • OK I can’t figure out how to “unschedule it.” I had a Negroni with dinner and 30 ml of Berry flavored (non-habit forming) cough syrup just now. My fingers don’t feel right on the pad here. I’m sorry, not to be THAT GUY but I’m going to bed. Stars of the Lid, they’re from Austin: Music for Nitrous Oxide it’s called. But seriously, have a look when you’re in the mood over the weekend. Thanks, buddy. Bill

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