St. Stephen’s Day, west Cork, ’15

img_4855All the UPS drivers have gone home to their families with their shorts and their socks, and the gravel road out front is quiet tonight with no crunching of wheels or deliveries: the grocery store is closed but they’re getting ready to go out and freshen the displays, and I had to go in to check on the kids, to ask how it was, this Christmas: and then I went out to the hot tub with the bistro lights to see what was there but it was the same, and remembered this day last year in the west of Cork, in Ireland, St. Stephen’s Day, everything closed, how good it felt to not feel like we had to go anywhere because we couldn’t, and still I went out for a walk, I got rid of our uneaten ham and went up the road to see what I could from the top of the hill: and it looked about the same as it did here today with the fog, the dark and the green (that’s how Dawn describes it), and why we crave such simple things like wool and candles, and sleeping in (and wine), and the sound of a dog by our feet twitching, a cat looking demure—by the time we get to winter it’s like winter’s already over and it’s just a slow, soft launch to spring. The hard part of winter is the loss of light but come January you get a few minutes back every day and it’s not like nature doesn’t notice that, not like we don’t either.

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  1. “slow, soft launch to spring” Poetry.


    • Winters over before it starts here. There are these January bugs that come out soon and then things I can’t identify that begin blooming. I love January. Why not start planning now.

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  2. A beaut! I love how the light starts creeping back once the solstice comes. Sunset tonight is 4:48; tomorrow it’s 4:49. These are results you can see!

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  3. Three cheers for uneaten ham. That’s a brilliant pic. Very impressive.


  4. I know we just had a day where everything was closed but yours sounds much nicer. Thanks for the reminder about the light and soft launch to spring, beautiful and needed.

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    • Well there’s not much more for a while once we take down the lights is there? I guess we can celebrate the year anniversary of Bowie’s death, there’s that.


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