By the time we got to New Year’s

Monkton Combe, outside Bath (UK)

Monkton Combe, outside Bath (UK)

It was cold enough we could use the garage as an overflow for the fridge and I went out there splitting wood, breaking down boxes, consolidating the remains of Christmas pasts and presents—and even though we said we wouldn’t, we still got ourselves in a froth over our friends coming over so we set to the vacuum cleaner and the dusting, the laundry—and I had to go out for more black olives because we had the wrong size (Dawn and mom were making appetizers with toothpicks, supposed to look like penguins): and now the potholes are so bad on our gravel road it’s like being in a video game but there’s nothing to win or lose, you just sit there bouncing—and I don’t know much about bees but that’s what the parking lot felt like at the store, the same chaotic hovering around the hive, the sense at any second they could swarm: and even though it was cold enough for snow I opened the sun roof on my Volvo, I turned up the heat and the car stereo, I put on my gloves and tried to forget I was 46, and thought with any luck next year, 47.

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  1. Happy New Year, Bill! I hope that it brings you and yours good tidings.


  2. You can stop tossing ’em back for me now.

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  3. Happy New Year, Bill. Can’t believe it’s nearly a year since you came over to Wenlock. Blimey! Where did that time go? Wishing you and yours all the best for 2017.

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  4. yes, the best you can hope for –

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  5. Happy New Year to you, and to all the penguins too.

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  6. Ah, such patience – to create black olive penguins with roasted pepper scarves. Now that’s being good hosts. Love the hovering bee cars and the video game potholes – lovely impressions.

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  7. I think I’ve played that same pothole video game; not so fun. I can so relate to the idea of starting out not planning to make a big deal out of people coming over, and then somehow you’re cleaning the entire place and making penguins out of olives and red pepper slices to put on toothpicks. Sounds like a fun time, though. Wishing you all the best for the new year, Bill!

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  8. Can’t help but hear a little Low in that title. The bees are a nice visual, also liked the scene driving with the sunroof open and stereo loud and trying to forget your age. It’s the little things for sure and sounds like a pretty sweet NYE.


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