The January moon will never be full again

John William Waterhouse - 'Echo and Narcissus,' Wiki commons

John William Waterhouse – ‘Echo and Narcissus,’ Wiki commons

Cruel slant of a moon
that could be a fang
or a hook,
a nail,
or a cat’s claw
stuck to the sky,
pulling it down
until it’s full—

but the moon looks empty,

like it wants for something
it can never have,

like it knows each month
it goes hollow again,

and can only be that way
for a day.

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  1. I envy you for being able to see the moon lately. We got Seattle skies down this way.


  2. I look forward to the next night I can see the moon. Always thought she looked a little sad, now I know why.

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  3. everything is temporary.


  4. Nice pacing.

    That pic is the first selfie.


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