Once more to elsewhere (“are you paying attention?”)

All the details of the world when you’re really in it. The guy at the gas station wheeling in the delivery, the small, waking patterns along the seam of morning, how the mind spins and shakes and follows whatever flickers by before moving on, like a seed on the wind it drifts and settles, tugged once more to elsewhere: all the brilliant minds, scattered on the breeze: how the flame on my candle shakes, how it fights the wind and grows higher hanging on but when it stops and stands still, how much light fills the room.

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  1. Bill, I think there are several poems here, waiting to be born….


    • Hi Rick, nice to hear from you. I think you’re right, I kind of taped on the flame image at the end because I felt it needed more, but now I guess I have more to work with for if/when I come back to it. Rare to feel “done” as we’ve talked before. But nice/feels good for me to let them go, too. Perhaps it’s this interaction is why! Cheers, Bill


  2. Like that Henry James quote that we should try to be “one of those on whom nothing is lost.”

    Good eye!

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  3. I definitely don’t pay enough attention. I’m missing a lot of this stuff. I’m the zombie in that movie, the one by that funny English guy, what’s his name. He did Hot Fuzz.


    • Don’t be so hard on yourself. Leave that to the critics. They’re good at it. Make sure they’re better at it than you are. There, unsolicited advice over my salad.


  4. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m not paying enough attention or paying too much attention–it’s like that moment when the water in the tub is so hot it almost feels cold.

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    • Yeah, we toggle. Weird. I flicker in and out, myself–the awareness and detachment duo. It’s strange but I give thanks I see the world as I do, though sometimes it’s its own weird barrier to being present.


  5. Beautiful! Gave me the tingles and some (happy) tears 🙂

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  6. everything is in the details.


  7. It’s fun to think of living a whole day this way. It would have to be cleared of all work and other obligations, or one could just do this in small spurts every day. I’m going to try to do it more. Great post, Bill.


    • Thanks Kristen, I was also trying to get the nature of distraction, the fact I think we get randomized and “blown on the wind,” unable to stop and focus, to really let our proverbial flames shine at their best, because we’re split in a million ways, mainly by phones and blog posts like mine!


      • Ha! This is true for me in a broad sense, but blog posts like yours enrich my everyday life. I’m sure we’re meant to be scattered at least a little. I’m still thinking what a fun experiment it would be to focus for a whole day…how that would work, what it would look like. No phones or note taking, only taking it all in with our senses. As a parent I am not sure this is possible but it’s appealing. Happy Friday and weekend to you and yours, Bill!

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      • Ah, I get you. Yes, I do my best to do what you describe at least for 10 minutes if I can (and often, that becomes a post). I’m happy you find mine enrichening, that makes my day. Enjoy your long weekend too, hope it’s so. Sometimes long is good eh? Here’s to the start of it, soon. Bill


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