Inauguration day

img_4191At the very end
of January
the light
is always
the same.

Though the sky’s
cold and gray,
the clouds
balled-up fists,
the calendar adds
a square each
a few more
minutes of sun
before it swings
on a hinge
and we forget
it was ever
this dark.

January, you
could be so much
more than false
promises and

this year
really be
the start
of us
an end
to things.

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16 replies

  1. Wow. Firstly, the clouds as balled-up fists – I warn you, I am definitely going to steal šŸ™‚ Love the sun swinging on its hinge and you’re right that the human mind has a great capacity to forget – we forget pain, heat, cold, forget what a summer’s day feels like when the cold, wet blanket of winter’s lying on us.
    And that last section beginning
    ‘January, you
    could be so much
    more than false
    promises and
    So strong. Sadly, this president seems intent to keep his promises and resolutions. Has he never heard of the words ‘escalating’? Because that’s all his anti-immigration, anti-Muslim policies are going to achieve – an escalation of anti-American feeling. Though of course, when extremists fight back, they will just be ‘proving’ how right he was to enforce the legislation in the first place.
    I hope you’re wrong Bill. Not the end, only a nasty hiccup.

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    • I know! It is sad he seems intent on keeping his promises, my god. Let’s hope for a hiccup, alright. I don’t know how I’m going to earn any money as an activist but I keep thinking each day I need to. Perhaps activism isn’t about earning money *ding, ding*. Thanks Lynn…

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  2. That sign is awesome, though probably not to Lily. This has been a very good January. I’m not falling into a pit, I refuse.


  3. Stunner of a last line, and it hints that things are still going to be mighty cold out there when January’s over. Help!

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  4. The timing and the title add such a depth of meaning. If you’d posted this when it was written, or with a different title, it would have been far less impactful.

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  5. That last stanza could be read in (at least) two different ways. Either putting an end to thing we want ended, or as in, “it’s the end of the world as we know it.”

    And the stanza before it, the penultimate one, is January actually “false promises and resolutions.” or is it being perceived so (even though it’s totally not)?

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